Released on 1 July 2021

What if your future lay 40,000 years in the past? 

Subject Twenty-One is a debut novel in which a young woman’s refusal to accept the status quo opens her eyes to the lies her society is built on.


Elise’s world is forever changed when she is given the opportunity of a lifetime – to work at the Museum of Evolution and be a Companion to the Neanderthal, Subject Twenty-One, a member of a previously extinct species of human restored to life. 


As a Sapien, a member of the lowest order of humans, and held responsible for the damages inflicted on the world by previous generations, this job is Elise’s chance to escape a stagnating life in an ostracised and impoverished community.


But it doesn’t take long for Elise to realise that away from the familiarity and safety of her home, her secrets are much harder to conceal. Every day presents a new possibility for being exposed.


And the longer she stays the more she comes to realise that little separates her from the other exhibits . . . and a cage of her own.

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